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Individual Therapy

We understand that seeking therapy can be a difficult decision, and we are committed to providing compassionate, non-judgmental care that meets the unique needs of each individual. We believe that every person has the ability to heal and grow, and we are dedicated to providing the support and guidance necessary to facilitate that process.

Our individual therapy services are available for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and we offer both in-person and online sessions to accommodate busy schedules and remote clients. We also offer specialized services such as LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy and trauma-focused therapy.

Couples Counselling

We know relationships can be challenging, and even the strongest couples can face issues that impact their connection and intimacy. Our approach to couples counseling is collaborative, and we work closely with each couple to identify goals and develop personalized treatment plans that meet their specific needs.

ML | Psychology offers compassionate, effective therapy to couples seeking to improve their relationships. Our experienced therapists specialize in working with couples at all stages of their relationships, from newlyweds to long-time partners, and we are committed to helping couples build stronger, healthier relationships that stand the test of time.

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Family Services

Family therapy is a powerful tool that can help families build stronger, healthier relationships, improve communication, and overcome challenges. At ML | Psychology, we provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment where families can work together to identify and address issues that are impacting their lives. Our experienced therapists specialize in a variety of areas, including parenting challenges, blended families, divorce, and grief and loss.

We take a holistic approach that considers the unique needs and perspectives of each family member, working collaboratively with families to identify goals and develop personalized treatment plans that meet their specific needs. We use evidence-based practices that have been proven effective in helping families improve their relationships and communication skills.

Mental Health Assessments

Psychoeducational, ADHD & Social Emotional

ML | Psychology assessments provide comprehensive evaluations to help individuals better understand their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to providing accurate and informative evaluations that can inform treatment planning and educational accommodations.
 Our assessments include a variety of tests and measures to provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual's abilities, including intelligence testing, academic achievement testing, and measures of executive functioning and social-emotional functioning.

Meet our Therapists

ML | Psychology therapists are capable and certified to help men and women alike, but are driven by a passion for helping men.
Our Calgary based therapists use evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness-Based Therapy to help clients overcome challenges and develop coping skills.


Katrina Shaw

Clinic Director, Registered Psychologist

Joe Seddon

Certified Clinical Counsellor

Nicole Granger-Wannop

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Dr. Christopher Rose

Registered Psychologist, PhD

McKenzie Snyder

Registered Psychologist

Janelle Cohos

Registered Psychologist

Julia Hagerty

Registered Provisional Psychologist

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